New Accounts and Approvals

In order to keep the number of junk accounts on vmst•io as low as possible, we utilize a review process for account creation that includes both manual and automated processes:

Email verification
hCaptcha verification
IP blocklist check
Moderator approval

Requests for accounts that do not complete e-mail and hCaptcha verification within three days are automatically deleted.

Unused moderator-approved accounts are subject to deletion after 30 days.

Moderator Approval

When you apply for an account on vmst·io, we ask you to provide a reason why you want to join. We use this as the basis for the moderator approval process of your account application. Tell us a bit about yourself, what brings you here, and what your interests are.

If you have other social media accounts, especially another account on Mastodon that you're interested in migrating to, please provide those.

Your application doesn't have to be formal, just enough to make us excited to welcome you to our community. We usually approve new accounts requests within 24 hours.

If you have been recommended to join by an existing member, ask them for a referral link and this will bypass the modeartor approval step.

Preserve an Account

Complete any of the following actions at least once for a moderator-approved account to confirm the account is not abandoned:

  • Set profile information, such as by adding an avatar or filling out biography information.
  • Add multi-factor authentication to an account.
  • Log into the account from a device other than the device used to create the account.
  • Re-authenticate at least once from the device used to create the account (for example, sign out and sign back in).
  • Add a post, boost a post, or reply to any post.

You also have the ability to move or delete your own account at any time.