Account Approvals

As of July 2, 2023, we allow open registration of accounts on Previously all accounts had to be validated by a moderator.

In order to keep the number of junk accounts on as low as possible, we ask you to:

Depending on if our systems identify your request as a risk, we may still flag some account requests for additional review by a member of our staff.

All new account requests that do not complete e-mail and hCaptcha verification within 72 hours are automatically deleted.

Preserving Your Account

We generally want all accounts on to be active at some point. You can be a lurker, and never post, but if you sign up and never come back we reserve the right to delete your account.

Complete any of the following actions to confirm the account is not abandoned:

You also have the ability to move or delete your own account at any time.

Accounts that are created but show no activity within the first 30 days are subject to deletion.

The intention is not to delete accounts which fall out of use, only to avoid namesquatting or artificially boosting our registration numbers.