This list represents the cloud provider dependencies to which has a direct relationship. If any of these providers have issues, it may create issues for services. Some of these services are paid for while others are free to use.

Digital OceanManaged Postgres, Managed Redis, Managed Kubernetes, Object Storage, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Load Balancer, and Nameservers
AWSSimple Email Service
BetterUptimeStatus Monitoring
DNSimpleDomain Registrar
NetlifyStatic Site Generator & CDN
Let's EncryptSSL Certificates
GitHubConfiguration/Settings, Public Container Registry
Docker HubPublic Container Registry
hCaptchaBot Detection
ApivoidIP Information
Grafana LabsLog Storage

Other vendors or open-source projects that we consume or utilize but do not have an ongoing external API or system connection to are not included in this list. For example, rclone is used to backup our platform, but it is integrated into a custom container image that is built and deployed. The availability of the application on it's download site is not mandatory for the operational readiness of