All e-mail notifications associated with the vmst·io Mastodon instance should come from: mastodon@ses.vmst.io.

We use Amazon Simple Email Service as our managed SMTP service, used for sending new user sign-up verifications, and other account notifications.

Example of .env.production configuration settings relevant to SMTP:

# Mail
SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS='Mastodon <mastodon@ses.vmst.io>'
  • We leverage industry technologies like SPF to help verify we are the only ones sending you emails.
  • We also use EasyDMARC to handle things like DMARC and BIMI for the domain.
  • We use Fastmail for the root @vmst.io domain.

Phishing and Privacy

Our domain policies instruct your email provider to reject any other party that is attempting to use the @vmst.io domain to phish you.

When you sign up for an account, and you provide us an email address, we promise to only contact you there regarding your Mastodon account. For more details, refer to our Privacy Policy