Running a full featured, highly available and very performant Mastodon instance costs money. We don't have investors, run ads, or sell your data. vmst·io is funded by the membership of the instance. Without you, we don't exist.

While access to your account does not require a paid subscription, if you desire to help cover the cost of running vmst·io, we have multiple options available:

Monthly subscriptions can be managed through Ko-Fi.

Fund with Ko-Fi

Yearly subscriptions can be managed through Open Collective.

Fund with Open Collective

Legacy monthly subscriptions can be managed through Patreon.

Fund with Patreon


We have some stylish merchandise available through Cotton Bureau, featuring our "Toots In / Toots Out" logo. T-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops, starting at $25.

Style via Cotton Bureau

Subscription Tiers

Red$2/$24First time shout-out
Blue$4/$48First time & recurring shout-out
Purple$8/$96First time & recurring shout-out, listed here

We also have a special $24/mo tier, called Tartan, created at the request of a couple of members. This tier features the immense of gratitude of the server team.

Contribution Benefits

Everyone who helps fund our operations gets their first contribution posted by our @funding bot.

  • Those who sign up for Blue or Purple tiers will be included in a monthly shoutout post by @vmstan.
  • Purple and above are listed on a dedicated page here.

Members who provide financial support are still subject to the same rules of the road that all members must follow.

The real difference between the tiers is how much you feel your usage of the platform is worth, and how much you can afford.