Phanpy is an alternative way to access your Mastodon account from your browser.

Through the Mastodon API, Phanpy provides similar access to posts and actions on posts you expect to be able to do to Mastodon. You can compose a post (Toot, if you like), boost others' toots, like, bookmark, and scroll just as you would through your regular server site.

Launch Phanpy

Why Phanpy, then? Phanpy provides some features not available through the standard Mastodon web app interface.

  • Boosts Carousel to visually separate original posts and re-shared posts (boosted posts).
  • Nested comments thread to effortlessly follow conversations with semi-collapsible replies.
  • Grouped and collapsed notifications to reduce clutter by combining similar items.
  • Multi-hashtag timeline to combine up to 5 hashtags into a single view.

You can use Phanpy right in your browser.

You don't have to be a member to use our Phanpy web client.


Phanpy Screenshot